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Name:Severus Harry Big Bang Art
Posting Access:All Members
This community is for the participants of the [community profile] snape_potter Severus/Harry Big Bang.

Please note, it is for participants only, and not for the general public. Only artists participating in the Severus/Harry Big Bang can join, post, or see anything here. It is a place where they can brainstorm ideas, support each other, find a beta, and ask questions of the mods. Please do not request to join if you are not a participant.

The Rules, Timeline, and FAQs

banner and art by [personal profile] veridari

Rules for ARTISTS:

- There is only one level of participation for artists: N.E.W.T. Which means that any art created for the Big Bang is designed to be as much of a challenge for the artist as it is for the N.E.W.T. level writers (25k).

- Artistic creations must be original and illustrate a scene from the fic.

- While two illustrations are preferred, one is acceptable. But, if there is only one, the art must include both Severus and Harry. There is no rating requirement, however if there is another pairing in the fic [Severus/Lily or Harry/Ginny for example] those images can not be of a higher rating that of the Severus/Harry art.

- Artwork should be created using traditional or digital media and should include color* and/or detailed backgrounds*. For this fest only, we will not accept banners, photo-manipulations, wallpapers, fanmixes, crafts, videos, art created with programs such as Poser, unfinished/quick sketches and the like. We realize art quality is very subjective and often many of the preceding types of artwork require tremendous skill, talent, and time. But for the sake of consistency, we are limiting the use of mediums.

- The complete and final artwork must be turned in no later than October 3, 2012.

- Creations are not anonymous and will be inserted in the appropriate location within the fic they were created for.

- You may not post your creations elsewhere until after the period of exclusivity which ends November 19, 2012.

- Email your creations and any questions you may have to spfestmod @

- The mods will always send confirmation of receipt of your entry within 24 hours, so if you do not get a confirmation, then we did not receive it. Please double check to make certain you have sent the entry to the correct email address which is spfestmod @


March 1: AUTHOR sign-ups open for the Severus/Harry Big Bang!

March 15: Sign-ups close. You may begin work as soon as you sign-up.

June 1-8: Check-in point. Your draft, partial draft, or outline is due. This is the time to drop out gracefully or let us know if your fic will be longer (or shorter) than you envisioned.

August 1: ARTIST sign-ups open!

August 15: All complete and beta-read N.E.W.T.-level fic is due as well as a synopsis for matching you with your artist. If your fic is not complete, you may have until September 15 to finish. However your piece will not be illustrated.

August 16-21: Artists peruse authors's synopses and choose three fics they would like to illustrate. The mods will match artists according to their preferences as much as possible.

August 22: Artists receive their assignments.

September 15: All remaining fic (O.W.L. and N.E.W.T. level without art) must be received by this date or it will not be included in the fest.

September 17-21: Artist check-in point. Your draft or concept sketches are due. This is the time to drop out gracefully so a pinch hitter can be arranged.

October 3: All finished art is due.

October 15: Severus/Harry Big Bang posts! A masterlist of fic authors and artists will be posted after the final entry.

November 19: Period of exclusivity is over. You may post your creations elsewhere after this time.


For Artists:

Q - You said artists would receive assignments. How does that work?

A - All N.E.W.T. authors will provide the mods with a synopsis of their fic including a detailed summary, word count, rating, pairings and warnings. Artists will have access to this information but the authors themselves will not be identified until after assignments are made.

Between August 16-21, artists will peruse authors's synopses and choose three fics they would be willing to illustrate. The mods will then match artists according to their preferences as much as possible.

Q - What if I don't want to illustrate a fic from the Big Bang? Can I illustrate another work as long as its Snape/Harry?

A - For the purposes of this fest only, the intention is to have illustrations for the fics written here. If you have a fic you'd like to illustrate, your artwork is always welcome at the general [community profile] snape_potter community.

Q - The scene I want to illustrate includes both Severus and Harry, but other characters as well. Is this permitted?

A - As long as Severus and Harry are there, all is well.

Q - Can I create more than one piece of art for a single entry?

A - Yes. If you'd like to create more than one, that's great. The only requirement is one of the images must include both Severus and Harry. Also, if there is another pairing in the fic [Severus/Lily or Albus/Gellert for example] those images cannot be of a higher rating than that of the Severus/Harry art.

Q - What if I want to choose the author I create art for?

A - We have always allowed author/artist collaborations for any of the fests at [community profile] snape_potter. However, for this fest only, we are asking artists to read the list of fic synopses provided by the authors and choose which fics they would be willing to illustrate based on that information alone. This will be done anonymously (a double blind matching process where artists do not know who the author of the fic is until after they have received their assignment and vice versa).

Q - Can one artist illustrate more than one fic?

A - Yes. There will be a place in the artist sign-up to indicate whether you are available for more than one art entry or for pinch hitting.

Q - I am both an author and an artist. Will I be permitted to illustrate my own fic?

A - Absolutely.

Q - It looks like artists will have access to completed fic rather than drafts like in most Big Bangs. Did I read that correctly?

A - You did indeed. Life happens and it's not uncommon for authors to be either unable to complete their BB entries (leading to orphaned art) or even edit out or radically change the very scenes an author decided to illustrate. This way, artists will be illustrating from final versions of the fic so their work is guaranteed to be posted with a finished fic.

If you have further questions or need clarification, please contact the mods. We are happy to discuss this or any of the FAQs with you.

*This statement is qualified. Please look through the FAQs for more information or contact the mods for clarification.
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